About Us

Our Beginning

SP Modern School is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified institution the School was started in the year 2014, It has a own style of modernization in the school age education and it has a collaborative strength of Rural educational Development in to the world class standard.

Now Our school has a green Campus and e-School software implementation

Our Educational Plan

The school go, a symbol of a student’s flight, motivates the students “to soar above and beyond”, making themselves‘ ready for the world , to be the best in the world. Keen to encourage, cultivate and empower kids to remain curious, imaginative and passionate about the world they lived in – a world that is ever-evolving through disruption and transformation; where the combination of critical thinking, problem-solving and creativity is fuelling innovation that is becoming the mainstay for the jobs and economy of the future.

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Happy parents



Learn well and Fly high is our “motto”. Our commitment and dedication are built into our policy of continual quality improvement by establishing and implementing mechanisms and modalities ensuring accountability at all levels, transparency in procedures and access to information and actions.

We strive to put parents close to watch their kid(s) development under our care.

Providing the best eco and child friendly environment filled with fun, love, learning and care for a healthy, happy and smart child development.

  • Health
  • Habit
  • Knowledge

Qualified Staff

Teachers are the torchbearers of change. They are the ones who remove the darkness of ignorance and help their students to achieve knowledge. Every day, they create an atmosphere where children can explore their capabilities and hone their talent. They create a whole new world with the wonders of Science and the majesty of Mathematics. They guide students to appreciate the beauty of Arts and Language along with the goodness of humanities.

At SP Modern School, our teachers help build a strong foundation, where students aspire to achieve greater heights. Our teachers make students believe in themselves and are constantly working towards imparting knowledge to students to make them more mature, talented individuals so that they can become citizens of the world.

Our teachers are here to make a difference!

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